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Welcome to CrewDog Study Guides


If you're like me when you transition to a new aircraft you get nervous about the training and worry about the fire hose of information you're soon going to have to swallow. You begin scrounging for information and worry about it being inaccurate. I got tired of it.

My Study Guides originated as a way to help organize my notes from ground schools and PCs. Other pilots began asking for copies and when I caught someone selling my ATR notes under their name,  in cooperation with the team of professional essay writers, I created CrewDog Study Guides.

Since my ATR Study Guide came out in 1996 they have been in use by pilots throughout the United States and the world. The ERJ Study Guide was published in 1999 when I transitioned to the EmbraerJet from the ATR.  In order to justify the time I spend keeping them accurate I have made my hobby into a small business. We all know the way to make a small fortune in aviation (start with a large one). I only desire to make enough to justify my time and to  keep the prices reasonable.

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What the Guides are NOT:

These study guides are not designed to baby step you through the aircraft or to give you a bunch of information you don't need. You will not find the voltage of the light in the lav, explanations of how to lock the main cabin door or how a DC Bus works.

What the Guides ARE:
Instead the Study Guides are designed to present the information you REALLY need in a brief, concise manner. This makes it more convenient to pack in a flight bag while on the road studying for a PC or upgrade, or to keep handy in lieu of carrying Vol. 2 of the AOM around. The systems are referenced to the standard Embraer AOM, not to any specific Flight Department. However since many companies AOM is based on the Embraer AOM they are often the same.

If you are transitioning to the ERJ from any other turbojet/prop you already are familiar with the principles of at least 80% of this aircraft. Packs, hydraulics, etc. all work like packs, hydraulics, etc., on other aircraft. What you need is to learn are the new improved names the engineers have come up with and the other 20% of the systems.

If you are new to the airline industry these Guides will be an invaluable reference to help you clarify the huge amount of information you will be required to absorb. 

Current Versions:
ERJ Guide is 0605.
ATR Guide is 0603

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